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Catering / Chef Service

Pick-Up, Delivery or On-Site


Lauren’s Kitchen offers full-service catering options for your every need: personal chef services for 6 to 350 servings! We do ask a minimum of 4 servings in able to be profitable for both client and our business. 

Chef On-Site 2024
Drop-off / Pick-Up

Specialized-custom menus available (vegan, gluten or dairy free, paleo, etc)

Thanksgiving 2023 - SOLD OUT OF TURKEY 11/17/23

Holiday Dec 23 2023-Jan 2, 2024 
Easter 2024


Larger Catering (20-350 servings):

For larger catering parties (20+servings), Lauren’s Kitchen requires ample notice (minimum of 4-business days prior to the event). Email Chef Lauren with: the number of people, likes/dislikes and any food preferences, all dietary restrictions, desired eat time, venue location, kitchen set up (ovens, range, fridge). Chef Lauren will guide your through any event needs or applicable questions, and can make suggestions as needed - TIPS bartenders, servers, overall price quote, buffet vs. plated, drop-off vs on-site, etc.
A 20% gratuity is automatically added to final bills of more than 10+ groups.

Smaller Groups (4-10+ servings):

Lauren’s Kitchen can accommodate less than 6 servings, when available and with minimum 2-day heads up. Chef Lauren recommends ordering 4-6-serving portions for at least 3-4 meals (or courses) in able to be profitable for both parties. Email Chef Lauren for additional information, with as much notice as possible. Depending on specifics, gratuity may be added and additional fees may incur. 
Unfortunately, we are unable to provide food for less than 4-servings at this time.


Other Details:

Drop-off / Delivery -
All food comes pre-prepared in disposable dishes with reheating directions for the oven. There is an added $70 fee depending on location of the delivery. A minimum order totaling $350 is preferred for delivery between 9a-6pm. Client can plan to pick up food at the rear of the storefront (non-delivery) for no additional fee and no minimum (preferred).


Personal Chef Orders -
Chef Lauren will come to your location to cook a quality meal of your choice, typically 4 or 5 courses. Chef on-site is $70 /hr. (depending on location and the time of year), Extra waitstaff (TIPS-certified bartenders, servers, food runners, etc) are $60-65/hr. Chef Lauren will help you determine the amount of staff needed. Gratuity is greatly appreciated. 20% is typical on the total due from the final bill for outstanding service. All gratuity is split between staff. 20% is automatically added to groups of 6+.

Buffet vs. Plated Service -

Buffet service is strongly recommended for any party of 10 or more. Be sure and let Lauren know if your party are big or small eaters (more than or less than 1 typical serving), and/or if you need leftovers. Buffet allows your party to choose as much or as little of each item, Chef Lauren and her team make sure to have ample food, so there is no worry about running out. Lauren’s Kitchen will provide all serving dishes and serving utensils but does not provide decorations or individual place settings (rentals). Just let us know what you had in mind and we can ensure everything runs smoothly. 

Plated Service typically costs a little more - since we need to hire on extra waitstaff to plate, serve and clean each course. Lauren’s Kitchen does not provide dishes for parties not in-house, but we can recommend great rental companies or offer disposables (both compostable and non). 


Recommended Rentals / Liquor -
Lauren’s Kitchen does not provide individual place settings (dishes, glasses, silverware, napkins, linens), but can recommend a local rental company offering delivery and pick up and help determine what is needed for each order. Always, let Lauren know of the order placed before day of the event, so she can make any necessary changes (been doing this a while now, and know what is needed for a smooth event).
If you are on a budget and do not want to rent place settings, Lauren’s Kitchen can provide
disposables as an option (green/compostables or plastics) for an additional fee. 

Lauren’s Kitchen has a great reputation working with local liquor store vendors. Let Lauren know what you are looking for and she can make arrangements for a flawless integration into your event.

Securing Catering -
E-mail Chef Lauren to get the ball rolling for all catering requests (this is the BEST way to reach her). Include in your email: the date, venue, # guests, any dietary restrictions or special needs, and she will help determine the next steps. Chef Lauren will then send you a tentative quote with the agreed-upon selections; review this to make any last changes and once approved, return the quote signed at the bottom to secure your date. For larger orders (45+ or higher-end orders), Lauren may require 20% of the total due in advance of the event date - this will be spelled out on the invoice. 


Payment - Orders paid by credit card incur a 4% increase in the total due as a service charge to utilize credit card processing. Note: that if you tip on a credit card, the tip will also incur a 4% service fee. Payment by check or cash does not incur the additional fee (preferred), and can be mailed prior to the event or accepted upon delivery/pick-up.


GIFT CARDS - Give a Lauren's Kitchen Gift Card. Custom amounts available to be used on catering or for a custom pick-up. Delivered electronically to your inbox. Buy a Gift Card. 

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